The Texas Angus Association invites you to become an active member and participate in the affairs of the Association. You will certainly benefit from associating with this group of enthusiast for the Angus breed and we need your help and support in promoting Angus cattle.

As a part of your membership you will receive:

A Texas Angus Association membership card.

TAA Member Directory- We provide an annual membership directory that lists all Texas Angus members. It is an excellent resource for people looking to buy Angus or to find and connect with other Angus breeders in your area!

TAA Members get exclusive “members only” access to advertise on the Texas Angus Find a Bull online bull directory/search engine. As a Texas Angus member, you will be able to list your operation and place any bulls you may have for sale in this online directory of Texas Angus breeders.   Potential buyers use the TAA Find a Bull to search for animals and contact TAA members listed on the website by using a zip code search which will provide information for breeders within a designated mile radius.

9 Times a year TAA Members will receive a copy of the Texas Angus News newsletter. It contains a calendar of events, informative articles and advertisements of sales and other Association happenings!

Free Advertising- Your TAA membership entitles you two (2) word ads a year. These ads will be no more than 75 words and placed on the Texas Angus Website and in the Texas Angus News (for two editions/months) and additional ads may be purchased.

TAA Sponsored Sales- Each year TAA sponsors four sale events. Texas Angus members may consign cattle to any or all four Texas Angus Sponsored Sales. Please see the TAA Annual Sales page for more info on the sales and how to nominate your animals.

Texas Angus members may also participate in a bull test station available throughout the state. A complete list of bull test station contacts are listed under the RESOURCES tab.


Lifetime Membership – Texas Angus now offers a lifetime membership option. Life membership may be applied for only in the name of a person; or a farm or ranch name; with a personal name exclusively tied to farm or ranch name. Membership becomes null and void at the death of owner. Membership fees are payable at the time the application is submitted. MEMBERSHIP IS NON-TRANSFERABLE


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Thank you for your interest in The Texas Angus Association. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us anytime at 817.740.0778!

It is hereby the policy of the Texas Angus Association that any member lists accumulated by Texas Angus Association or published in any form by Texas Angus Association is the sole and exclusive property of the Texas Angus Association and that any use or re-creation in any form of such lists or member listings is strictly prohibited, will be a violation of this policy, and is not allowable absent the express written consent or agreement of the Texas Angus Association.
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