We are Texas Angus

Prospective members of the Texas Angus Association frequently ask the question….. “What do I get for the $50 Texas Angus Association Membership Dues?”…

We also publish the Texas Angus News newsletter. It contains various calendar of events, advertisements of sales and all Association happenings!

The Texas Angus Association invites you to become an active member and participate in the affairs of the Association. You will certainly benefit from associating with this group of boosters for the Angus breed and we need your help and support in promoting Angus cattle. We provide an annual membership directory that lists all members. It is an excellent source for people looking to buy Angus! Our Find a Bull page lists all members listed on the website by region to provide instant access.

Texas Angus members may also participate in a bull test station available throughout the state. A complete list of bull test station contacts are listed on under the Resources Page. TAA members can consign cattle to any or all of these three annual female sales: The Spring Spectacular Sale held in the spring in Salado, the Breeder’s Select Sale held in the fall in Salado, and the Stars of Texas Sale held in January in Fort Worth in conjunction with the Stock Show. The Fort Worth Stock Show also coincides with the Best of the West Bull Sale in January. Look for our representatives at shows, sales, field days, area meetings, and trade shows. We also have available the Texas Junior Angus Association and the Texas Angus Auxiliary. Each year we also have various education seminars. We are also proud to promote and support our Regional associations.

Our Mission

The mission of the Texas Angus Association is to support and enhance the services of the American Angus Association for those in the Texas region who have interest in Angus cattle. This will be accomplished by providing beneficial and valued services such as education, marketing opportunities, and communication for its members as well as others in the region who utilize Angus genetics.

Texas Angus Association Objectives

The Texas Angus Association (TAA) will provide Texas Angus stakeholders with information on the desirable qualities and advantages of Angus cattle from resources such as AAA programs. This will be accomplished by sponsoring and/or facilitating educational opportunities pertaining to the production, management and utilization of Angus genetics.

The TAA will become recognized as the hub of communications for educational opportunities and marketing events and opportunities for Angus breeders and those utilizing Angus genetics in the region it serves through the TAA website, newsletter, and directory and through events in the region.

The TAA will provide opportunities for members to market cattle through TAA sponsored sales, office referrals and advertising.   The TAA will also provide purchasing opportunities for buyers of Angus bulls through the sponsoring of bull test and sales.

Thank you for your interest in The Texas Angus Association. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us anytime at 817.740.0778!

It is hereby the policy of the Texas Angus Association that any member lists accumulated by Texas Angus Association or published in any form by Texas Angus Association is the sole and exclusive property of the Texas Angus Association and that any use or re-creation in any form of such lists or member listings is strictly prohibited, will be a violation of this policy, and is not allowable absent the express written consent or agreement of the Texas Angus Association.
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