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The Texas Angus Sale Committee met on March 8th, 2016. Read the News from the TAA Sale Block.


Date Sale Location
1/20-21/2017 TAA Best of the West and Stars of Texas Sales – View Results Fort Worth TX
12/3/16 44 Farms – View Results Cameron TX
11/19/16 Cox Ranch – View Results Peaster TX
11/18/16 Double Creek Farms – View Results Meridian TX
11/9/16 Evans Farms – View Results Proctor TX
10/22/16 44 Farms – View Results Cameron TX
10/21/16 Rutherford Ranches – View Results Buda TX
10/13/16 Wilks Ranches – View Results Cisco TX
10/1/16 2 Bar Angus/Goode Angus – View Results Hereford TX
9/29/16 McKellar Angus – View Results Mt Pleaseant TX
9/17/16 Texas Angus Sale – View Results Salado TX
5/21/16 Genomic Gems Sale – View Results Giddings TX
5/7/16 Spring Spectacular Female Sale – View Results Salado TX
3/23/16 Lone Star Angus Alliance – View Results Halletsville TX
3/26/16 East Texas Extravaganza – View Results Center TX
3/26/16 Littlerobe Angus – View Results Higgins TX
3/19/16 44 Farms – View Results Abilene TX
3/17/16 McKellar Angus – View Results Mt. Pleasant TX
3/8/16 McKenzie Land and Livestock Bull Sale – View Results Fort Stockton TX
3/5/16 Foundation Angus Alliance – View Results Luling TX
2/27/16 44 Farms – View Results Cameron TX
2/26/16 Rutherford Ranches – View Results Buda TX
2/13/16 Bradley 3 Ranch – View Results Memphis TX
1/23/16 Texas Angus Stars of Texas Female Sale – View Results Fort Worth TX
1/22/16 Texas Angus Best of the West Bull Sale – View Results Fort Worth TX

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