For Sale: 
FEMALES – Spring pairs (AI’d, then turned out with bulls), Fall bred cows/heifers, Spring exposed cows and heifers (AI’d, then turned out with bulls), Open heifers.
BULLS – two-year old to three-year old bulls located near Franklin, TX. Many will work on heifers. AI sires include S A V Final Answer 0035, Connealy Thunder, V D A R Really Windy 4097, C C A Emblazon 702 and Connealy Packer 547.
Solid Rock Ranch, Franklin, TX.

Contact Name:  Matt Jones
Phone:  (979) 777-7571
Posted: 5/25/17

For Sale: 
14 bred cows with 13 calves at side; 8 cfs ready to wean, 5 in 45 days; There are 5 bull calves: 2 Tenspeed, 1 VAR Generation , 1 Now Look, 1 Bennet’s Consent Y75; there are 8 heifers: two Tenspeed, 1 Sensation, 1 Seedstock, 1 EF Commando, 2 Connealy Conquest, 1 In Demand. There is not a cull in the group of calves. 11 cows are safe in calf with 1/1/18 ECD to Tenspeed, Sensation, Seedstock, Renown and Pedigree. 3 remain to be checked (AI 5/13). Mckellar cows….good ones. Call for price.

Contact Name:  Randy Murray
Phone:  (903) 277-0140
Posted: 5/18/17

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