Auxiliary Annual Report

2016 Texas Angus Auxiliary Officers:

• President; Merridee Wells, 254-223-0054;

• First Vice President, Kristin Gardner,936-615-7555;

• Secretary, Vivian Wolf, 940-733-3059;

• Treasurer, Peggy Dolson, 254-485-6905;

• Second Vice President & Scholarship chair, Barbara Ettredge;940-686-2958;

• Third Vice President & Miss Texas Angus Coordinator, Jennifer Ann Scasta; 903-926-5514;


• Beef Promotion, Glennette Goode

• Membership, Peggy Dolson & Susanne Bush

• Ways & Means, Tana Free

• American Angus Auxiliary Regional Director, Cindy Ahearn

Texas Angus Auxiliary annually awards two, $1,000 scholarships to a high school senior boy and girl, who meet our scholarship guidelines. These winners are then eligible to compete at the National level for additional scholarships given by the American Angus Auxiliary. In addition, the girl winner, may also be eligible for Miss American Angus.

In addition to scholarships, we also sponsor Miss Texas Angus.

If you have questions regarding any of our programs or would like guidelines for scholarships or Miss Texas Angus, feel free to contact our officer team or the appropriate board member.

Thank you for your interest in The Texas Angus Association. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us anytime at 817.740.0778

It is hereby the policy of the Texas Angus Association that any member lists accumulated by Texas Angus Association or published in any form by Texas Angus Association is the sole and exclusive property of the Texas Angus Association and that any use or re-creation in any form of such lists or member listings is strictly prohibited, will be a violation of this policy, and is not allowable absent the express written consent or agreement of the Texas Angus Association.
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